Medical Services

New Pregnancy

As soon as you discover that you are pregnant, you would need to make an appointment with the GP for a referral to a hospital of your choice, within our locality and book in for ante natal appointments. You will need to ensure that you book a double appointment and inform the reception that you are having your ante natal appointment at the time of booking. You will be provided with a maternity pack to help you with information for your treatment at the surgery during your pregnancy.

When you have had your baby, you will need to come in to the surgery as soon as you can with the copy of the baby’s birth certificate in order to register the baby. A copy of the GMS1 should be in your starter pack or you can download this from the website. You are then well prepared when you need to book yourself and your baby in for the post natal checks and immunisations.

Family planning and sexual health

We offer a variety of services related to family planning. You can make an appointment with our practice nurse or GP to discuss issues related to the emergency contraception, chlamydia screening, coil fittings or reviews, contraceptive pill, implants and injections. We also provide appointments to have the cervical smear done for our female patients as part of the regular smear screening programme.

New patient health checks

We offer new patient health checks for all new patients who join the practice. This is a requirement to complete the registration process and will consist of a 20 minute consultation with the nurse to discuss family history, check blood pressure, smoking and alcohol history and other health related checks. You will also be required to provide a urine sample for a glucose test; please ensure you bring a sample with you for this appointment.

We recommend that you have your new patient health check done as soon as you register to avoid any delays in seeing your GP.

Chronic disease management

All patients who have been diagnosed with a chronic disease will be managed within the practice and we will invite you to attend chronic disease management clinics from time to time during the year. These chronic diseases include areas such as COPD, diabetes, chronic heart disease, asthma, chronic kidney disease, atrial fibrillation, stroke, hypertension, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, dementia and learning disabilities. We encourage our patients to attend these clinics when invited to optimise their health care needs and be monitored by the surgery.

Travel advice and vaccinations

Travel advice is booked with our practice nurse. We keep most travel vaccines on site and are able to administer this on request. Please allow yourselves at least 6 weeks before travelling to make the appointment for a travel vaccine as this is important for optimum protection. Each member of the family needs to make an individual appointment.

There are some vaccines for which there is a charge and the price list can be seen on our health links page.

In case you phone at the last minute and no appointment is available, there are a number of options for you in order to get the travel vaccines elsewhere, however there may be an extra charge allocated for these as they are done privately.

BA Travel Clinic:

0845 600 2236

Globetrotters Travel Clinics

Globetrotters Travel Clinics are dedicated Travel Health Centres which provide services such as travel health advice, precautionary measures and vaccinations.

Their phone number is:

020 8814 9644


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Locations of their clinics are below:

The Heston Health Centre, Cranford Lane, Heston TW5 9ER
4-5 William Close, Ealing, UB2 4UP
London Day Surgery  Centre, Gloucester House, 150 Woodside Lane London N12 8TP

We also are a designated yellow fever centre and are able to administer this vaccine by appointment.

Childhood immunisations programme

Your child will be given a development check by the GP at their 6 week check.

The following vaccination schedule will be offered and recommended for all children to follow.




2 months

5 in 1 vaccination
Pneumococcal Vaccination

Left thigh
Right thigh

3 months

5 in 1 vaccination
Meningitis C Vaccination

Left thigh
Right thigh

4 months

5 in 1 vaccination
Meningitis C Vaccination
Pneumococcal Vaccination

Left thigh (top)
Right thigh (bottom)
Right thigh

12 months

Hib/Meningitis C

Left thigh

13 months

Pneumococcal Vaccination

Left thigh
Right thigh

3 years
Pre School Booster


Left thigh

4 years


Left thigh

5 in 1 vaccination = tetanus, diphtheria, Pertussus (whooping cough), Hip and polio MMR = Measles Mumps Rubella (German Measles)

For more information, visit the NHS Immunisation Information website.

Flu vaccines

The flu season generally starts in October and we hold clinics at various times during the season to accommodate our patients. We also hold one Saturday morning walk in clinic for patients who are unable to come in during the week. For housebound patients, we ensure that a clinician visits you at home to administer your flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine is given to patients who are considered to be in “high risk” groups and these can be seen below:

  • Over the age of 65
  • Over the age of 6 months and have a chronic disease (heart disease, asthma, diabetes, stroke, COPD or kidney disease)
  • Pregnant women who have not had the H1N1 swine flu vaccine
  • Carers of any elderly patients or a patient with a high risk whose care will be compromised if the carer falls ill
  • Patient with low immune system due to the condition they are being managed for i.e. patients being treated for cancer or on steroid medication
  • Patients with a neurological disease e.g. cerebral palsy or MS

All the above patients groups of patients will be contacted by the surgery to ask them to come in for the flu vaccine. If you think you have been missed or you are a high risk patient that warrants a flu vaccine, please contact the surgery for more information.

If you do not wish to have the flu vaccine, please inform the reception or email us to let us know and we will make sure that you are not sent an invitation to come in.

Blood tests

We run our own in house phlebotomy service and patients can book in to either see our practice nurse or our health care assistant for their blood tests. You need to have been authorised to have had a blood test at the surgery. This means that either the GP has requested this for you post consultation, a hospital has requested this, you are being monitored for your medication or you have been sent a letter from the practice to come in for a blood test. Unfortunately you cannot come in and request a blood test without a valid reason to support it.

You will be offered an appointment in the morning for a blood test; we do not have phlebotomy clinics in the afternoons.

For children please see the information below:

0-5 years: Patients need to go to the nearest hospital to have this done. In our practice this would be the Hammersmith hospital or Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

5-16 years:Patients can now go to:

  • Hammersmith Hospital outpatient phlebotomy clinic which operates a drop in service
  • Cuckoo Lane Surgery who will be running a weekly clinic on a Thursday morning between 8 am and 11am. This service will operate on an appointment only basis and patients should be encouraged to book their appointment at their earliest convenience. The phone number to call is 020 8567 4315 to arrange an appointment. Patients should attend with a responsible adult and bring a completed blood form. Where appropriate the practice will provide a prescription for EMLA cream and discuss the method of application with the responsible adult. Please click the icon below to view the leaflet for more information if you decide to go to this surgery with your child

If you are housebound or in the nursing home, we will organise for a community phlebotomist to visit you in order to have your blood test.

Other medical services

  • Nursing & nurse practitioner services
  • Health visiting
  • Baby checks
  • Medical homoeopathy
  • DVLA and other examinations

Medical facilities

  • ECG
  • Spirometry
  • Phlebotomy
  • Blood glucose monitor
  • Nebuliser
  • Fetal heart monitor
  • Ultrasound
  • Ear hygiene

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